• Published authors are always being asked,

    "Where do you get your ideas from?"


    In this highly-practical, hands-on course, multi-published author and expert tutor Margaret K Johnson will help you to find out.

  • You want to write.

    Perhaps it's something you've dreamt about it for years. But somehow you don't know how to get started, and you're afraid that when you do, your dreams will get shattered.


    In this highly practical course, Margaret has designed activites to stimulate your imagination and to boost your self-confidence.

    It will help you to:

    • Come up with great ideas for stories
    • Create a three-dimensional character
    • Learn about techniques to keep readers gripped by your story
    • Choose story themes that resonate with you and that make writing and story-planning easier
    • Use an innovative and simple technique to construct a story of your own


    The course is designed to be highly practical – you will learn by writing, not just reading about how to write.

  • A few of Margaret's published books.

  • Want to go it alone?

    Standard Story Ignitor is for you.


    Want to receive constructive feedback on two pieces of your course work, and an invaluable one-to-one tutorial with the course tutor?

    Story Ignitor Premium is the best choice for you.


    Either way, you can work at you own pace, and there's no pressure.

  • What people are saying:


    “This course is brilliant for helping you to develop rounded, believable characters and for developing a plot. I now feel really confident about writing my novel.”


    “This course definitely prompted ideas and helped me to construct a plan for my writing. A much-needed impetus to get on and write.”


    “An inspiring and very enjoyable course.”


    The course really focussed my thinking on how I could move forward.”


    “This inspirational course is well worth the time and moderate cost. It exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.”


    “It was remarkable how the varied exercises quickly prompted not previously conceived ideas and thoughts.”

  • Are you ready to

    spark your writing dreams into life in 2017?

    The fee for STORY IGNITOR STANDARD is only £49.

  • How you will learn

    Easy to understand video instruction

    Designed to reassure as well as to explain

    Each of the six lessons includes at least one specially-made video about the subject of the lesson. The videos explain exactly what you need to do for each task and are designed to put any fears you may have at rest.

    Work Sheets

    Clearly-written and inspiring

    Each lesson comes with a downloadable worksheet which gives details of the task for that lesson. The worksheets will also become a valuable resource you'll want to use and refer to time and time again as your writing develops.

    Feedback and One-to-One Tutorial


    Emailed feedback and Tutorial by Skype

    Expert feedback to two pieces of work produced during the course and a half-hour tutorial with the tutor by Skype. Tailored to be the most help to you and your development needs.

    Facebook Group

    WriteUP Course Cafe

    All WriteUP Courses graduates are entitled to join the WriteUP Course Cafe to connect with other course participants for mutual support, and to find out about writing opportunities.

  • Want some valuable interaction with the tutor?

    The fee for STORY IGNITOR PREMIUM - including feedback on 2 peices of work and a 1-1 tutorial - is only £99.

  • Sarah

    Thanks again for the course. I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. Please put me down for a follow-up course.

  • I won't lie to you. Writing a book is hard. It's harder still without support and encouragement.


    But your your dreams are important things. How will you feel if you never try to fulfill them?

    After all,

    "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." (Oprah Winfrey)

  • Still unsure? Watch this video about one student's experience of my courses.